Solid Player 3.5.2

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Solid Player is a no nonsense MP3 player. It´s small, it´s fast, it has support for multiple playlists with very easy navigation and lots of options. It´s very easy to use, it has support for UNICODE ID3 tags and more.


* Supports MP3´s
* Support ID3 tags (ID3v1.0, ID3v1.1, ID3v2.2, ID3v2.3 and ID3v2.4)
* Supports UNICODE
* Support list view and thumbnail view
* Supports multiple playlists
* Easy navigation
* Easy renaming of file´s by custom formatting eg ´01 - trackname - albumname - artist.mp3´
* Show all your duplicate MP3´s with a single button click
* Easy drag-and-drop your files to library and/or playlist
* Very easy and fast searching for a specific artist, album or title
* Switch between normal and miniplayer
* Built-in browser, clicking on Artist or Title in playing window will do an immediate google on the selected artist or title
* Built-in Equalizer and Reverb
* Very easy to tag all your MP3´s
* Loop your playlists
* Repeat 1/All song(s)
* Adjust your playlist on the fly, change the play order, add songs, delete songs, move songs
* Supports embedded images
* Supports folder images : if Solid Player finds a file called ´Folder.jpg´ in an MP3´s folder this jpeg image will be used as album art (unless the MP3 already has an embedded image)
* Autoresize of columns (can be switched on/off)
* Library play option : just click any file in the library and it will play immediately, great for looking for suitable MP3´s to add to your playlist
* Library displays (and can be sorted on) many items : Filename, Artist, Album, Title, Track, Year, Genre, Tag Version, ID3v1=ID3v2?, Comment, Link, Lyrics?, MPEG Audia Version, Layer Description, Bitrate, Samplerate, Channel Mode, Duration, Unique ID, Thumbnail MD5 Hash, Playcount, Rating, Embedded Image?
* Items displayed can be selected and deselected

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