Bluebox Heartbleed Scanner Can Help You Discover An OpenSSL Vulnerability On Your Device

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The Internet has been abuzz over the recently discovered Heartbleed bug. If you're not already familiar, Heartbleed is a vulnerability in the OpenSSL software library that allows an attacker to steal data directly from the memory space of an application and learn the private keys used to keep data securely encrypted as it travels over the Internet. The implications of this kind of leak are certainly severe, and it has everybody rushing to either install updates that fix the bug or implement workarounds to disable it.

As users, there's not a lot you can do to close this security hole on your device, but you might still want to know if you're vulnerable. That's where Bluebox Heartbleed Scanner comes in. The company is most widely recognized for the discovery and disclosure of the first "Master Key" vulnerability, but it has set its sights on the Heartbleed bug with an app that checks if either your version of Android or any of your installed applications are susceptible to attack.

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