Top 3 apps to boost Android system performance

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Having an Android smartphone isn’t always simple, there’s a lot you can do to improve the overall performance of the system which consequently affects all of your smartphone’s various components in a positive way. Fortunately, you can still profit from the amazing operating system we have all come to love because of the freedom it gives us thanks to Android apps that help improve system performance. Here are three apps that will help. And remember, a task killer usually isn't the answer to your problems.
android speed

SD Maid

This is the system cleaning tool and it comes with a sweet little Android french maid icon, so you know it has to be good. If you don’t know about this or have it on your smartphone, I highly recommend installing it pronto. SD Maid does a heck of a lot: it’s a file manager that crawls your Android files, it looks through your device from dormant directory+files and compares them to the ones in your apps. You get full control over your apps in one easy location with the AppControl feature, including freezing and resetting capabilities. Unnecessary files get weeded out according to your own filters, or the ones pre-set by the app, which you fancy. Bloatware is reduced and space is freed up. Now download it before I come over there.


Here is another must-have app to ensure your Android is running well. Again, this app will reduce the rate at which your battery is sucked dry and improve system speeds. What it does is punishes misbehaving apps by sticking them into hibernation where they can’t get at any of your phone’s resources. This stops services, periodic tasks, event receivers, alarms, widget updates and push messages so don’t do this to your morning alarm. This app is just simple, everything is easy to find and intuitive and it’s not a task killer per say, but a less harsh cleaner that keeps everything in check all in a lightweight way with zero CPU and battery usage.

Android Assistant

Last but not least, if you want a personal assistant to help you better manage your Android device on a daily basis, then you shouldn’t really look any further. Android Assistant has it all (well 18 features, but that’s enough in this case). In a nutshell, it will monitor your CPU, RAM, ROM, SD cards, battery, act as process manager, clear the cache and system cache, save power, manage files, monitor battery usage and more.
Give these a try, you won't regret it. What other apps do you use to help your system perform better?


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