Fruit Bump (update 6-02-2014)


Fruit Bump is a free, match 3 puzzle game. In Fruit Bump you must swipe and pop fruit to achieve challenging yet fun level objectives.
The game develops on the solid action mechanics of popular jewel crushing games, but adds a few twists to keep you playing.

When you start, you will learn the game, get a hang of longer matches and what the special items do.
 But once you progress past the first few levels the game becomes more strategic.
Tips are available for new players, and experienced jewel matching masters should be right at home!
You will have to watch your moves, hit a target score, crash special blocks, and hit rotating puzzle tiles with carefully lined up match 3 or more fruits.
These play objectives appear by themselves or in a mix, and levels are shuffled randomly so you won't ever have the same experience twice! You can replay levels you have unlocked to get a better score, more bonus stars or to practice your match 3 skills.
In an array of fun levels, designed to teach you the basics of the game and provide extra challenge as you get better, you will be rewarded for tackling objectives in as few actions or seconds as possible.
Yes, did we mention there is a Time Trial mode? In time-limited missions, you must outrun the clock with quick thinking, but you will get an unlimited number of moves to do so.
Alongside this popular arcade mode, we have also added another neat feature you might be familiar with from your gem busting days - item drops!
 In drop missions the goal is to bring a set number of special fruits to the bottom of the screen, using any combo matches and specials you can create.


- Over 580 matching puzzle levels and more action to come
- Level map that tracks your progress
- Match 3 or more items
- Rich graphics
- Combo matching
- Special items
- Fruit cascades
- Time trials
- Replay all unlocked levels for a better score
- Randomized conditions, so no two games are alike
- Shuffling of levels with no possible moves
- Match 3 hints
- Dropping items
- Puzzle tiles
- Play on tablets and phones
- Varied game objectives
- High-score sharing via social network
- More content is on the way: new themes, level designs and chapters!
Swipe vertically or horizontally to form rows or columns of 3 or more items of the same kind. Beat the level objectives in a given number of moves or seconds to win. Score high by creating long chains of fruit and matching the special drops that appear in various combinations. The better your chain, the better the drop and its effect on the game.
Experiment and have fun!

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