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Requires Android 2.2 and up 
Unique protection from malicious apps, device theft & unwanted calls. 
• Remotely track/locate your phone or tablet 
• Scan all apps with superior antivirus certified by AV-Test.org 
• Remotely lock or wipe your device to guard your privacy 
• Prevent annoying contacts from calling/texting you 
REVIEW: “Many applications are available that claim to protect a device, but few excel like Avira Free Android Security… This app is highly recommended for the security-conscious user.”—Editor’s Review, CNET 
Already using Avira Free Android Security? 
Your phone and tablets are in good hands! Log in to our Web Console at https://android.avira.com to manage your phone and tablet security. 
• Detection | Block and remove malicious apps 
• Automatic scanning | Apps are scanned upon installation & upon update 
• On-demand scanning | Scan apps at your convenience 
• Minimal resource consumption | Over-the-air virus definition updates 
• Location tracking | Pinpoint your phone or tablet’s location on a Google map 
• Remote lock | In case of loss or theft, block access to your smartphone or tablet 
• Remote wipe | Remotely delete all information on your Android device 
• Remote yell | Give yourself a holler, even if your device is in silent mode 
• Owner notification | Enable the person who finds your locked phone or tablet to report the discovery by tapping a button on the touchscreen. 
• Blacklist | Hang up on unwanted calls and texts 
• Manage blacklist | Block and unblock calls and SMS from any number 
• View report | Get an activity report from all blacklisted contacts 
• Web console | Instant overview of security status and all the functions performed on your device(s) 
• 5 devices | Manage multiple devices from the Web Console 
• Profiles names and photos | Organize mobile security 
• Security settings | Keep track of your phones’ and tablets’ settings & carrier information 
• Battery | Check devices’ battery life remotely 
English, German, French, Italian. 
Android 2.2 – 4.3 
Avira Free Android Security is supported on HTC, LG, Motorola, Samsung and Sony smartphones and tablets with normal, large and extra large screens. 
What's New 
Avira Android Security has undergone a complete redesign you’re sure to love! 
That’s in addition to these enhancements: 
• Support for profile names and photos 
• Instant status on the console (“Protected” or “Action Required”) 
• “Remote Scream” renamed to “Remote Yell” 
• Ability to test “Yell” & “Locate” anti-theft features from within the app 
• Simplified blacklist (no more filters, quickly and easily clear blocked events) 
Bug fixes: 
• Allow additionally 400+ device types to download
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 Download Avira Free Android Security on Google Play
Download Mirror:
 Download Avira Free Android Security Direct Link

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