Full list of websites that you can take offline with google gears

List of web applications that provide at least partial offline functionality to end-user using Google Gears.
Listed in the order of perceived decreasing complexity of offline implementation:

1. Zoho Writer and Zoho Mail
* Word Processor, Email
* Not transparent.
* You can access documents stored inside your Zoho account and edit them offline inside the web browser.
* You can read and compose mail when offline
2. Gmail :
* Transparent and automatically detects your are offline.
* Even has a “flaky connection” mode.
* Full read-write access to your mail.
* Even allows access to most gadgets
3. Wordpress
* Hosted Blogging Service
* Transparent and full-access to your posts and pages.
4. Google Docs
* Word Processor, Spreadsheets, PDF documents and Presentations
* Transparent and automatic offline access
* Read-write access to word processor (no new docs) and read-only access to spreadsheets and presentations

5. Remember The Milk
* Todo List Manager
* Full read-write access to your tasks. Even allows local search engines to search offline tasks.
6. Some Things
* Todo List Manager
* Full read-write access to your tasks
7. Autodesk Labs Project Draw
* create diagrams online
* the application can run in the offline mode and synch files later when you reconnect
8. MindMeinster
* Mind Mapping Tool
* Need pro account for offline access.
* Full read-write access
9. Passpack
* Password Manager for your online stuff
* Transparent and full-access to your passwords in offline mode
10. Paymo
* time tracker
* Google Gears added the “ability to work offline and sync the data with the Paymo server once an internet connection is available”
11. Google Reader
* Feed Reader
* Not transparent. You have to tell it in advance that you are going to be offline.
* Can read and update feeds but not add new feeds
12. Google Calendar:
* Transparent but read-only access to your events.

List of sites that use Google Gears but do not provide significant end-user level offline functionality on desktop:

* Myspace: Offloads sorting to client-side
* Picasa, Buxfer: Caching for mobile clients

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