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Hello there my freeware friends! Last week I was thinking about how many freeware programs I have installed in my PC, after the first batch of 51 free programs and the second one of 72 programs installed in the Freeware Mission. I have over 80 freeware programs installed in my Windows XP PC right now, but which of these programs are the ones that I like the most? Or maybe the correct question would be which are the freeware programs that I couldn’t live without? I thought about picking my favorite 10 freeware programs, the programs that I use daily, even several times each day. Let’s see which ones I picked for the top 10…
(you can click on each program name to read a full review of the respective freeware program)

1. Launchy - Almost every time it’s the first program that I run after starting my PC because it makes it a lot easier for me to launch the programs that I want to run. It’s a free lightweight program launcher and I definitely couldn’t see my computer life without it.

2.  Google Chrome - Can you live without a web browser? I surely can’t. I noticed that the first thing that I do after starting my PC is opening Google Chrome and answering your comments and emails :) Chrome is my favorite web browser, mainly because it’s faster than my former favorite, Mozilla Firefox.

3.  Picasa 3 - Another crucial program for me is the image viewer, because I have some photos to see every day. Picasa is my favorite image viewer because it’s fast, reliable and offers me the features that I need. 

4.  PicPick - When I test freeware programs for this blog I always need a program that can make screenshot captures for me. The program that I’m using for this purpose (and not only for this) is PicPick. It’s a sort of Swiss Army Knife program, including a color picker and pixel ruler along with the screenshot capture capabilities.

5.  GOM Media Player - Next up, video files. I guess you play a few video files every day too, so a video player is a must have program in any PC. My favorite is GOM Player - it can handle various file types and subtitles too.

6.  Songbird - I couldn’t live without music, and since I’m listening my music almost entirely on the PC I must have a good free audio player. My favorite is Songbird, much more than an audio player, highly customizable and expandable with addons and all sorts of plugins. If you didn’t use it until now you should definitely try it.

7.  Glary Utilities - I have to keep my PC running smoothly, so I need a reliable free maintenance program. My pick is Glary Utilities, a powerful all-in-one utility that offers you a registry cleaner, disk cleaner, file splitter, memory optimizer, process manager, and I could go on and on for at least a few minutes. A must have for any Windows powered PC.

8.  StarBurn - After eliminating the paid programs from my PC one of the programs that I found difficult to replace was Nero, the DVD burner. I’m glad I found StarBurn, a good free DVD burning program that offers all the features that I need in order not to miss Nero.

9.  OpenOffice.org - Microsoft Office? I really don’t need it anymore since I installed OpenOffice.org, a great open source office suite. Don’t even think about buying Microsoft Office, download and use OpenOffice.org for free, it really works very well.

10.  Avast - I guess you can’t even think about having a PC without an antivirus program installed. I’ve been using Avast for almost a whole year now and I had absolutely no problems with viruses or with the program. It has a small memory footprint and it did the job for me.

Whoops! Did I pick 10 already? Damn, I would have another 10 or twenty I couldn’t live without. Or maybe even 30 or 40, or maybe even more… :)

Do you want to download the Freeware Mission Top 10 right now? Well, first download OpenOffice.org from here. And now download the other nine programs :)


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