Launchy 2.1.2

Launchy is an open source Windows and Linux program that helps you to launch the program you need without browsing through your Start Menu or looking for a shortcut on your desktop.
I guess you all know about Launchy. If you don’t, download it now, don’t wait until tomorrow. I was a little bit reluctant at first. I thought that I didn’t need a program to launch other programs. After trying Launchy I admit I was wrong.

Launchy Screenshot

Launchy Screenshot

My desktop is a little bit crowded right now with shortcuts to various programs, but with Launchy that’s not a problem anymore. Just type the first letters of the program you want to launch an you’re there faster than you can say “freeware“.

Launchy will run in the background and you just need to press Alt + Spacebar to use it. I was worried about its memory footprint, because it’s a program that runs in the background, but I checked it and it takes only about 10 MB.

You can customize the shortcut keys and also basically the whole program through the numerous plugins and skins that are available for free.

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Windows, Linux

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