nothing just boring

t's like, Funk Doctor meets the punk rocker
Got the drugs stopped inside the lunch box [uhh]
Pop junk like I just got jumped
Popped the trunk and pulled out the shotgun pump
Knock wood, it's all good, thank God for Vodka
Cuz wit my luck, I'll probably get shot by a stalker
Probably got a fanatic waitin upstairs in the attic
Wit a automatic callin' me up there
My man Stan wit a gat in his hand
Stakin my house out in a tan tinted Sedan
He pull your mouth out til you can't finish a damn
Ham sandwich, or your can spinach and Spam
Til you gotta sip through a straw, shoplift through the mall
Pictures of me on my mom's living room wall
Hey ma, maybe I'll give you a call
Sike you fuckin' bitch, suck a dick and two balls
I'm givin you all my job descrip'
Which is, to piss bitches and priests off with this
Pop more pills than police officers
Arrive at the scene and pull me off of Kim
Teeth off my dick, hands off my balls
But y'all can kiss my ass, pants off and all
Cuz I'm so goddamn off the wall
I might as well as be a painting smashed on the floor

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